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laugh at big-studio prices!

You don't want to buy the studio—just get some great product photos! If you're used to paying for the lease on a photographer's pricey digs... plus a ton of gear he isn't using, but sure looks impressive... plus an assistant who is there to move the reflector to the right, just a smidge, you're in for a treat. Call PhotoPoetica about your next product photo shoot. Get great photos at sensible prices.

OK, do we really take the place of those big, high-priced studios? The answer is... not always. But it is just as true that many product photos can be done beautifully, professionally... even quickly, without the entrance fees of those converted loft studios. And, if PhotoPoetica is not the right fit for your product photography needs, we will tell you... up front—no time wasted, no cost on your part.


PhotoPoetica is proud to feature Nikon digital SLR camera equipment, including Nikon lenses. We shoot in RAW format for highest quality, and process in Photoshop, plus other editing software as required.
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